Funny Voices

Come see FUNNY VOICES or (A Thing I Cannot Name) It's hilarious and it's one night only.

WHAT [?]

A New Version of a Sorta Old Play 
By Matt Minnicino 
Directed by Anne Cecelia Haney
Featuring Ugo Chukwu and Olivia Jampol 
With Live Music by Julia Anrather 
Presented as part of the New Work Series by Emerging Artists

A man and a woman try to be in love. Who are they? It doesn't matter, it's really hard.

OR (if you prefer)

On a deserted planet, a children’s gang called The F-Train Boys wreaks havoc. An ill-fated ranchero named Diego meets an untimely end in Honduras. Olivia suffers from furniture dysmorphia. Philip Glass smells. Rome is a conspiracy. Ugo sleeps for six days straight.

TADA! Theater
15 West 28th St, 2nd floor
Between Broadway and 5th Avenue
(Take the N/R to 28th)

One-Night Only
Tuesday, June 9th at 7:30pm
All tickets are $10

Tickets Available HERE