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Shot on 16mm


A short film by Olivia Jampol

Jared Voss as Dick
Alex Breaux as Joe
Lillian Ritchie as Helga

Written, directed, and edited by Olivia Jampol 
Costume design by Elyssa Jakim & Olivia Jampol
Produced by Sarah Molinoff

Produced at the Carpenter Center for The Arts at Harvard University * Copyright 2008

Dick and Joe rekindle an old flame.

It is an ordinary day at the Average Joe's News Press, when Dick comes storming back into Joe's life after a seven-year hiatus. He desperately wants to give their past relationship one more chance; experience one last hurrah before he joins the ranks of suburbia. The two ex-cross dressers meet up at Dick's apartment, in full regalia willing to relive their crazy youth, at least for one night. That is until pregnant Helga comes home and witnesses her husband's past life that he has kept hidden for so long. Dick has to make the difficult decision of whether to run away with his wild ex-lover or stick it out with his domestic bride and his unborn child.