HERETICS - opening in one week!

Getting ready for the New York premiere of HERETICS, opening on August 6

Lisa, a member of a new religious group, is being held by two deprogrammers hired by her family. As they try to get her to reveal the secrets of the group and to persuade her to leave it, the session becomes a psychological battle between Lisa and Mel, the head deprogrammer, who has some disturbing secrets of his own.

Written by Richard Zinober
Directed by David Sernick

Featuring: Whitney Conkling, Alex Emanuel, Olivia Jampol, Donaldo Prescod

The Hudson Guild Theater
441 W 26th St, New YorkNY 10001

August 6 @ 6:15pm
August 7 @ 6:15pm
August 9 @ 8:30pm

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