Photo by Grant Vernon.

Photo by Grant Vernon.

Press for AJAX (part of Two Class Acts) @ The Flea Theater (NYT Critics' Pick)

"I saw Olivia Jampol and Chris Tabet in Ajax, who were wonderfully electric and fun."Theater is Easy by Rachel Abrams

"Olivia Jampol and Ben Lorenz were charm personified as Meg and Adam." - Lighting and Sound America by David Barbour

"Olivia Jampol was simply delightful. There was a great comfort in her Meg. She had a soft spot to her with just a hint of her opportunistic nature." - Theater in the Now by Michael Block

"The real class act in Two Class Acts is the acting. Olivia Jampol as Megan Tucker in Ajax transforms from prim to liberated with great charm and wit.  Her costumes by Sky Switzer are stunning and characterizing." -  Let's Talk Off Broadway by Yvonne Korshak

"There's some fine energetic acting by Olivia Jampol and Chris Tabet." - Curtain Up by Dierdre Donovan

"Olivia Jampol and Chris Tabet, under Stafford Arima’s direction, gave solid performances as Meg and Adam... Jampol’s sudden transformation in one brief blackout, after performing in Adam’s play, from prim school teacher to a vivacious dish, with eyeglasses gone and hair let down along with an appropriate costume change, was perhaps the highlight of the piece." - by Ron Cohen

"The two roles are being played by four Bats – I saw Jampol and Tabet in the roles and they were both terrific." - CT News by Joe Meyers

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